Telephone Encounters

Telephone encounters are legal documentations and documentation should be: Objective (facts) not subjective (opinion) ● Document the caller ● Choose the correct provider for the patient (look-up on Hub then Encounters) ● When pt calls for refill, check ePrescription Log first to make sure RX has not already been sent ● Ensure we have correct pharmacy information on file. If not, then document the name, city and phone number of the patients new pharmacy. ● A detailed message must be taken. Which prescription is needed and what is the dosage? ● Under “Action Taken” -time stamp and write down what action you have taken. ● For non- prescription encounters, please provide thorough details on what is needed. For example (lab requests, refund requests, call backs, etc. · Please ensure that documentation is objective, and to the point. o Incorrect example: pt needs refills. o Correct example: pt is requesting a refill on Cymbalta 30 mg twice daily for one month. Pt missed their appointment due to a family emergency.

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